Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day.

Why is it called Labor day? Why cant it be called Fun day, do nothing day, go to the movies day or even laundry day?  Labor day just sounds to much like work!!

Today we started out the morning being startled awake at 5 am by the sound of the Alert Rooster, there must be something approaching the yard, be it a snake, raccoon, hawk or that pesky fox!! So here I go out the door with my 9 mm loaded and ready. What do I see??.... absolutely nothing.  I have no idea why they were so riled up. Decided at that time I should be getting up anyway as we had a list of LABOR day chores to do.

First it started off with this.

We had to cut some branches off the fence. So we started with the Chainsaw. Isn't he good looking with that chain

We then went to this
along with this
After I got done pounding in 10 T-posts my arms were like jello!

We then had to repair a top wire on the fence that the branch broke when it fell.

Wow all of this LABOR before 8:30 am. We then had to go get Rabbit feed and back home for more LABOR at the house.

After that there was gardening that needed tending to, lunch that needed fixed, animal chores that needed done. Now Mr Fixit thinks he need to go pay around with the Tractor. Oh and in-between that
we also worked on his truck.

Now I understand why it is called LABOR day. This is the day to fit in as much LABOR intensive things you can find. Thank goodness LABOR day only comes around 1 time per year!! I think the day AFTER labor day should also be a holiday called national REST day!