Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and will have a happy new year! 

 I can tell that gardening season is coming around again as the seed catalogs have been pouring in. I have several catalogs that look like a kids wish book with things that are circled that i would love to try! Problem with trying new things is finding room to plant it all! I have finally decided that i need to invest in a good tiller. What is on your wish list to plant this year?

 My other nanny goats are still holding out on me! :) One poor girl her belly is so big it looks to almost drag the ground. I hope for her sake she delivers soon. 

 For the new year i want to try my hand at fermenting. I have several kindle books to read but i am more of a hands on learner than a book learner. So i decided to just jump right in and I ordered my airlocks from amazon.com. I figured no time like the present to start some sauerkraut since it is almost new years and everyone has cabbage on sale!

Vet girl and Master chef have been busy with 4-H related activities. They are both going to compete in consumer decision making and they are also on a cooking team to compete in a food competition next month!

Friday, December 19, 2014

I sure didn't realize it had been this long since i had posted on here. Spring gardening hit me and I had produce running out my ears. I tried my hand and making my own pickled okra and it worked well. I planted 72 okra plants so of course i had plenty of okra to play with. I also sliced and froze close to 50 cups for future batched of gumbo! 

I did some water bath canning also. I was harvesting jalapenos by the 5 gallon bucket load. Last year i had tried some candied jalapenos and they were a hit so this year i tripled the jalapeno plants and WB canned 50 pints of candied jalapenos. I don't think i will need to plant that many plants this spring.

Now that it is fall we are in full swing of baby goats, bottles and milking! It is amazing how fast your fridge fills up with milk when you get over a gallon a day! Master Chef (son who is 14) has been gathering recipes so he can learn to make some goat cheese. I found some heavy cream at the grocery store on mark down and he made some homemade butter and got the buttermilk to make some homemade biscuits. 

4-H is keeping Vet girl(daughter who is 17) very busy. She is going to participate in the food show, her, master chef, and 2 other friends are going to be competing in the food challenge. While she is there she is going to compete in the food poster contest and the Texas AG ID contest. She has almost completed her fourth year of her main project which is the Veterinary Science program. 

Will close this catch up post with a picture of a baby goat!