Thursday, October 4, 2012

I think that most people have really good intentions when they start a blog.I know is sure did! I wanted to post things that i knew would help people in there quest for self reliance, right now fall in in the air and winter is approaching. We are doing alot of farm maintenance. Cutting, splitting and stacking wood for the winter. Making sure that we have hay on the farm. We still need to prep the rabbit barn for winter. We totally wrap it in cardboard then wrap it in plastic to help protect the cardboard from rain and or snow. We may do something different this year and cover it in some old OSB as it goes up alot faster than the cardboard and plastic. This year we will also have to enclose a chicken house! We have never had cooped chickens so this will be a first for us. What is on your prep for winter agenda?

Well Mr. Ingenuity struck again! He was called by a friend  that had a problem. He had a large tree cut down and way to large of logs to move on his own. Mr Ingenuity got right on trying to figure out how to move them easily and as fast as possible. He came up with something very fast! He took his bale mover that he had built and added parts of his cherry picker to it. With a steel plate with holes it in we could lag bolt the plate to the large logs and connect a cable to the cherry picker boom and tada we had a log mover! it worked very well and paid for all the modifications in one job! Here is a picture of his work.

We decided that it need a hydraulic lift on it as your arm gets really tired trying to pump it up far enough to get a 500 lb log onto a trailer! we also thing that we need to make it swivel at the top somehow, but that is a later project.

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  1. Cool...that hubby of yours is Mr. Ingenuity all right!! Wonder if his mind ever shuts down!

    That's what a 'homesteader' life is all about...making things work with what we have.