Thursday, August 29, 2013

School is back in session so that means that 4-H is not for behind. In fact we have already had our first meeting. Back in march our current club manager turned in her letter of resignation as she was moving out of state. In passing I mention this to Mr Fixit and Daughter(she is in this said 4-h club) and they both immediately said you need to take it over.

So with much prodding from them 2 I send the lady an email and told her I was interested in taking this program over.

WOW! I think I should have had my head examined when I wrote that email. Now I am the proud Club Manager of the Vet Science program. We are starting year 3 and I think after working ALL summer to get the years worth of speakers, field trips, volunteer positions and loads of community service lined up I have aged about 6 years.

Have I ever mentioned how I don't like to stand in front of crowds? Well I think the world over probably felt the earth tremor as my voice was cracking. Now you say how hard is it to stand in front of a room of teen agers, well my reply is VERY HARD...... I have been out of school for a long time and really had no problems then but I sure do now.

I could tell that I had been stressing over this WAY to much as my usually clear skin looked like I was 14 again....ack!

The time came to report to the meeting and it was very hard to stand in front of that room of 30 people but it will get easier. I just have to remind myself I am doing this for the kids!!

If yall don't know about the 4-H vet science program it is a wonderful program geared towards teens to learn about Vet work. Even if they don't do anything else but this program they will leave it being able to be a Vet Assistant, so if you are like me usually a wall flower step up and help out some young kids that want to learn.

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  1. ...and can I say how proud I am of both of you!! I have watched (Daughter) grow up and become quite a young lady...taking on responsibility like an adult!! And YOU (my Daughter)...keep on keepin will once again find your niche!! :)