Monday, January 19, 2015

Do you have a first aid kit? Do you know where it is? How old is it? Is everything inside still good? Would anyone else besides you know where to find it? It always seemed to work that way here when we needed it no one could seem to find it. I needed to find a solution to this always lost first aid kit. As I thought about this i came up with a great idea for a very easy to find first aid kit. I first started with this.

A red bucket was the perfect way to start my new never lost again first aid kit! Of course this was just the start. Now i needed a much better way to open and close this than those lids you need to have all your fingers, toes and elbows to open! After looking around I found these gamma lids. If you are not familiar with them this is what they look like.
I then went to the dollar tree and purchased alot of there items that i know that we would use up around here like triple antibiotic ointment, burn cream, band-aids, gauze pads, tape, oral tooth gel, eye drops and of course a multitude of other items that we like to keep around. 

I picked the red bucket as when you look at first aid kits the cross is most always red and white so this combination screams first aid and it is very easy for anyone to open it, you can even open it one handed if you have a cut and need in it. 

Living on a farm out in the country it is always nice to have a first aid kit that is well stocked with anything you might need or even anything your animals might need. 

So do you have a first aid kit AND do you know where it is? 

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  1. Oops...have lots of first aid stuff...but wouldn't be able to find what I needed in case of...hmmm. Case in point...hubby had his smoker out and when he lit it, it sent a fire ball into his face...couldn't find the burn ointment! Not good!!!