Friday, February 20, 2015

Master tonic? I keep hearing talk of this all over facebook and other places . All I can picture in my mind when I hear about this is Gypsy's parked in their wagons trying to sell people elixirs and tonics with claims that it will cure EVERYTHING. Well after reading more about it, I decided I needed to try this cure everything elixir. 

Here is what you will need:

Master Tonic Recipe

2 bunches of garlic, chopped
A decently sized ginger root, grated
A decently sized horseradish root, grated
1 huge organic red onions, chopped
24 or so small habanero peppers 
64 oz raw, unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar (Bragg)
4 quart size glass jars with plastic lids

After assembling everything into one location i proceeded to chop, chop and chop some more! Next time(of course if there is a next time) I will purchase all ready peeled garlic! After chopping everything I grated the horseradish and ginger root. 
I then took my 4 quart jars and proceeded to divide them up.
 After dividing up the goods i covered them in ACV and put a lid on it.

Now what needs to be done is put them in a cool dark place and shake everyday for at least the next 12-14 days. This tonic will be used to ward off illness and to take if you do get sick to maybe make your sickness disappear faster! We will see how this turns out in a few weeks! Apparently it makes a fabulous marinade to!


  1. Bet your house smelled pretty spicy!! Please let us know how it tastes and how your body responds!!