Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Feeding animals, hauling hay, processing our own meat, I can do all of these things. Tell me why i cannot read an easy pattern?? I can tell you i can laugh at myself about it now, but a few days ago i felt like i was just stupid. I have come to the conclusion that just because I am a farm girl does not mean that I know or can do everything. Guess what, I am totally OK with not knowing everything too! 

I am sticking with this learning as Master chef is interested in sewing and wants to enter clothing construction for the local 4-H fashion show.

So I am going to do the only thing i know to do, reach out to my mom and have her try to teach this hard headed farm girl. :) 

I know for myself, I usually don't post failures or things that don't turn out the way i think it should. 

Not all of us farm girls can do everything even though we want everyone to think we can.

I just want everyone to know that it is fine to not know how to do everything!


  1. Every one of us has to do ((anything)) a ((first)) time! Oh my...I remember having to learn how to trench for a water line using a professional size trencher. Ugh...I soon had miles of trench behind me as we needed to lay water lines for irrigating fields of corn. I learned to run ALL kinds of equipment but one. I totally refused to learn to drive a dump truck with 12 gears. :/ Us wives and moms just learn to 'suck it up' and jump in with both feet...and do what is need for our families!

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