Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cutting your own meat.

When you are at the warehouse type places, do you ever look at the cut your own meats? I have purchased the whole hams to slice for lunch meat, but never really looked at much else. I guess I really never thought about slicing my own.

On a recent trip to Sams we found pork tenderloin for $1.78 per pound. Of course when you buy at a warehouse style club you have to buy it in a larger chunk than you would maybe at your local grocery store.

I figured at that price I could cut my own boneless pork chops, i mean really what did I have to lose??

After purchasing one pork tenderloin and seeing how easy and how much cheaper it was we went back for more. This time we purchased 2!

Here is my finding on buying in a large chunk and cutting my own.

Out of the 2 tenderloins I cut 64 pork chops, they average around 4.5 ounces each. My total cost on both was $32.68. With that I got 13 meals, total cost per meal for the meat is $2.51, price per ounce is .12¢ and the cost per pork chop figures out .50¢. 

When i looked around at the boneless pork chops they were $4.99 per pound if you had the meat market slice and package them for you. That figures out to .31¢ per ounce or $1.24 per pork chop if they were approx 4 ounces each. I fix 5 pork chops per meal so that would have cost $6.20 per meal for the meat. Total savings per meal is $3.69 with a total 13 meal savings of $47.97!! At that savings I can take the time to slice my own! If you have ever thought about it but wasn't sure if it was worth it or you didn't think you can do it, well now is the time to save and learn!!


  1. Wow...those look yummy!!! If we would only take the time to stop and check out prices and the possibility of doing what you did...we would find we could actually enjoy meals we usually wish for! Any time the meat dept. saves us time by slicing these cuts of meat for us...we automatically pay for their time. Thank you for showing us how we can save by doing it ourself!!

  2. I cut my own pork chops from tenderloin all the time. I cut up whole chickens when they are on sale too. It just makes sense to me.

  3. Becky, i cut my own chickens too since i raise my own. I just had never cut my own pork chops before. It was very easy and since posting this i have purchased 7 more at the same price!