Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Do you know what day it is? Do ya? No it isn't Hump day, it is canning day!! Today I was trying out my new steam canner. I really didn't know alot about steam canners but was intrigued when it touted that you could cut your water bath canning almost in half. Since i do alot of water bath canning with all kinds of pickles, this sounded like something that i needed to try. 

The Large pot in the front is my new steam canner. In this picture you can see the yellow sticker, below that sticker is a steam vent hole. When the steam is steady out of the holes it is ready to start timing.

This is my bread and butter pickle brine that will be going on jalapenos!
 20 pints of jalapenos sliced, packed and topped with pickle crisp.
I know this isn't the best picture but i wanted to try to get one showing the steam coming out the vent hole.

Here is my opinion on the steam canner. It holds 6-8 cups of water and doesn't take long to heat up to ready to use. After i got it ready to use i took the top off and put in my 9 pints. When i put the lid on I started timing to see how long it took to start venting steam. I was surprised at the time of 3 minutes!

 A standard water bath canner can hold upwards of 4 gallons of water and take 30 minutes to come back up to a boil after putting in your jars. The time savings is unbelievable! I am thinking i will invest in another one so I can do 18 pints at a time! Total time process for 9 pints of candied jalapenos was 13 minutes! 

This steam canner was very light even when filled with water and very easy to use!

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  1. Oh wow...great job! I had never heard of this kind of canner either...sure wish I would have had this when I was canning by the hundreds of jars! I love your account of how long it takes from filled jars to jar lids pinging I'm done!