Friday, February 15, 2013

Spring is approaching so we have been busy with garden stuff. We finished up the potato bin and planted 7 lbs of yukon gold. I checked yesterday and we have some coming up already! I planted Garlic and multiplying onions last year and we covered them and they are doing great. Now the chickens found a way into the garden and ate all my broccoli and brussell sprouts! Darn chickens anyway!!

Went to a local greenhouse that usually just sells herbs and they are expanding into garden plants this year and he gave me 2 6 packs of leeks so i also transplanted them. I decided to do some work for him in exchange for plants, works for him and works for me. I was needing to replace some of my herbs this year anyway! Glad i got in on this as i also needed to get veggie plants this year as the greenhouse needs some repairs. Nothing like getting veggie flats at wholesale prices!!

Our nanny goats are getting close to kidding! We have 5 nannies due this year and looking at the sizes of them we may have 10 babies this year. That is way more than the 3 we had last year. I cant wait and sure will post pictures of them!

The 5 calves that we purchased at 24 hrs old 18 months ago are now 18 months old and will be leaving to go to the butcher in a few days. Wow we will be rolling in the fresh meat soon!!

Egg orders have been rolling in just as fast as i can gather the eggs.Yesterday sold 9 dozen!! Glad orders are starting to come in it sure helps to pay for the chicken feed.

We have also gotten back into rabbits and hope to have some babies soon!

Hope this find everyone holding out for spring!

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