Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Here at the farm we are gearing up for spring planting season!! As you can tell by most of the pictures that we use raised beds or large tubs. I have 30+ large tubs that i have been using for several years but they are starting to show wear and tear on them as they don't age well in the sun all the time.

So we started with closed ended 55 gallon blue barrels. To cut them we put this furniture dolly upside down like this.
We then sat a barrel on top of this to get it ready to cut.
you can see the black line around it that is the mark we are going to cut on.

See that nice lip at the top of the barrel? I sat down in a chair and turned that with my hands so he didn't even have to move the saw. We did 15 barrels like this, it worked well and went very fast. Here is what we ended up with.
These have already been moved to where they need to go and filled with compost just waiting to be planted in. Now the barrels cost me $6 each so each have cost me $3. The cutting was all on us.

By the way last time i posted i said i was waiting on babies! Well we have 5 babies and waiting on another doe to kid!Here is a few pictures~


  1. awwww....love the babies!

    Love how you cut the barrels...american engineering!! :)

  2. The goats are so adorable! and great use of the barrels!