Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The time has come to take the plunge on finding Rennet. I have never made cheese before but with 5 goats in milk i think it is time! I had no idea Rennet was so hard to find! Nowhere local sells it, so i took to the Internet.

 I started with the cheese making companies but the shipping is so high on these places that i decided to check out Amazon. Since Amazon seems to be my shopping place of choice here lately. I found just the place i was looking for while scanning thru all the pages on Amazon.

www.Myspicesage.com They carry rennet and shipping is FREE!!Now if you order less than $10 they do charge you a $3 spice it up fee, but i found my Rennet! 34 tablets for $13.00 shipped.

What made it even better was that they offered a FREE 1 oz spice sample just for ordering. Now if you are going to order i recommend ordering $25 or more as they are also offering 4 whole black garlic bulbs FREE!

Now i admit i didn't see the 2nd offer till i had already submitted my order for the rennet so i didn't get the free garlic but if i had known about it i sure would have added more stuff to my cart to get to that $25.

If you are looking for spices they have a HUGE selection in all sizes!!

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  1. Can't wait to try the cheese! We do 'free' taste testing here! :-)