Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I think we are finally past any weather for planting. I have planted alot of the garden already but still have some to complete. I was out in the garden yesterday and i noticed i already have baby squash on! They have only been in the ground for 2 weeks, but i did start with plants instead of seeds. This year i am going larger than last year.so far i have planted the following.

108 cucumber plants
108 strawberry plants
72 tomato plants
36 okra plants
36 squash plants
24 jalapeno plants
36 bell pepper plants
36 banana pepper plants
12 sugar baby watermelon plants
12 cantaloupe plants
loads of onions
50 garlic
12 leeks
plus broccoli and cauliflower plants!

I also planted a new Texas fig tree this year.

I think that we will be swimming in produce this year but i so cant wait!!

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  1. Better break out your water bath and pressure canner dear! Pickles, relish, mixed vegies for soup...etc. There is such satisfaction when you see the rows of filled jars and know you can eat great foods that aren't tainted with pesticides and other junk.