Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring is here! Oh the work that I have ahead of me because spring is here, UGH! My seedlings are waiting impatiently in the green house, I think I picked more ripe strawberries from the plants in the green house than I have gotten from my other plants!

So I knew it was time to start working on my strawberry beds! I know what you are thinking, they weren't that bad where they? Well to prove how much work they needed i documented my transformation of the area!

This is what i started with. We had garden fence around the whole thing, with sides that we could take down to access the plants and to weed. The 2x4 was to put a cover on it to keep birds and squirrels out! The garden wire was to keep the chickens and the dogs out.

After getting it all weeded and leaves cleaned out it looked like this!
This year we decided that we wanted to do something different and really keep critters out so we can actually get some berries.  We decided to try chicken wire hoops! 
I will have a watering system on this just like the rest of my garden. I had a sprinkler system set up on this but it didn't give the coverage that I needed. 

Here it is will all the hoops,mulch and 108 new plants! I sure hope I can get a good crop from them this year!


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    1. Thanks! I am glad it is done, now just waiting for strawberries!

  2. Wow...looks wonderful in your yard!! Hope yo share!! :)