Wednesday, May 9, 2012

                                                          Eggs for sale! Eggs for sale!

Do you ever feel like you are just swimming in eggs? We are getting 2 dozen a day and we cant eat them fast enough so we decided to try to sell them again. We started with a paper sign that My dd and I came up with to put at the gas station and food place down the street. We laminated it to keep it looking nice so they wouldn't throw it away if it started looking bad! Here is what we come up with!
My other half came up with another Idea for a self serve eggs for sale station at the end of our driveway. So we started out by building a small shelf area to hold a cooler and a money collection bin. We then started building his new idea for a sign. This is what we started out with.
This is the flat sheet metal that he proceeded to cut everything out of. After marking and cutting he had these that him and ds sanded.
After they sanded them they hung them up and proceeded to paint them with a paint sprayer and we got this.
We had to let them dry for 2 days before we could do anything with them. So while they were hanging to dry he made this and painted it.
That hen is setting on top of a bracket that will be used to hold the whole sign. After the plates dried the kids and I put the sticky letters on, assembled the sign and came up with this~!
We will attach this to the gate post at the end of the driveway by the bench that will hold the cooler with the eggs for sale in it. We also made more signs to hang on that sign for other items that we may have for sale like, Firewood, vegetables from the garden, kindling for starting fires. Thought about a few other things like making fire starters out of paper and wood chips, pinecone fire starters are also an idea. Might give the kids some pinecones and birdseed to have them make some bird feeders to see if they would sell.


  1. all this!!!

  2. Very nice signs. I never have sold eggs here.