Sunday, May 6, 2012

I have sure been enjoying how the garden has been growing this year! Last year at this time it was so hot it has pretty much cooked everything. We had to replant the strawberry beds this year as we lost them all last year. We also put a fence up around them this year and WOW I cant believe the difference! No more squirrels getting to them has increased the yeild! So far this last week we have harvested about 8 cups!
The banana peppers are about ready to harvest for the first run! I have 40 banana pepper plants out so I hope i get a great harvest this year!
The tomatoes are blooming like crazy! I hope we get a good crop before it gets to hot! I have already harvested squash and zuchinni! I also have egg plants setting on! I am very excited about this years garden! I also have herbs in hanging baskets on the back porch!
2 of these tubs are egg plant and one is jalapeno peppers.
 This is a second planting of potatoes!
 These are banana peppers.
These are green beans, yard long beans and cucumbers.
 This is a picture of the squash and tomato plants.
 This is 1 section of our raised beds. The first section has cabbage and broccoli, the second section is all banana peppers and the last 2 sections are all strawberries!
This is my back porch and al my hanging baskets of herbs. Some of the metal rod also doubles as a clothes line!~


  1. Wow, you have a lot growing. I love all your container gardening! I am hoping for peppers this year too. For the past two years the plants have grown but produced no peppers. They are blooming now.

  2. G*R*E*A*T pics!! Everything looks great!! Sooo.....any overflow coming my way!! And do the strawberries make it into any 'dish' or only into open mouths?!