Monday, April 30, 2012

This weekend wasnt any different than any other weekend that we have here on the homestead. We work hard and rest hard. Saturday started with a trip the the local cattle auction barn. DD vet science class took a field trip to check out how it works and watch them vet check cattle. We have been to auction houses before but this one runs like a well oiled machine and was great to see the price of cattle still up. We were told that the high prices of cattle will last here in East Texas for approx another 3 years. I can gaurantee that this is all gonna affect on way or another prices at the grocery store. Slaughter cattle were bringing upwards of $2 a lb, no wonder why we cant get ground beef for under $3 a lb anymore.

Sunday brought all the honey dos that needed done. We started with mowing the lawn. We used the riding lawn mower to mow the large area but we used the small push mower with the bagger to mow the good grass and we are feeding it to the calves, goats and chickens!
The calves loved it!~
We then pumped out the water in the fish tank and took it and watered the garden with it. We pumped all the water out, which was about 225 gallons and we totally cleaned the tank. I netted out the fish that was left, never was really sure how many after the first malfunction but we still have 19 fish at this point.
The Garden is doing great so far! I actually harvested my first yellow squash yesterday!


  1. Yup, we almost never get to eat any beef here unless is it marked down (on sale isn't really "on sale" anymore).
    Too bad about the fish. Are you still trying with the ones that are left?
    Your garden looks great. I love the containers but know I am terrible about watering containers. I have some tomatoes and mint in containers and have almost killed them a couple times already this year :o

    1. Yeah i have my own beef in the freezer and this is what the calves that i have now will also be. Yes we are still going with the fish that are left. We will figure it out one way or!! I have always did containers here, i do have 6 raised beds plus the potato bed and YES it hard to make sure they get enough water~