Monday, April 23, 2012

The weather this weekend couldnt have been better! But it sure seems that when it is cooler that you tend to work outside more. That is ok I had some outside things that needed done. This is what we started with. A pile of recycled lumber!
What the hardest part was was having to grind off all the nails and screws from what this wood from used for before we decided on this venture. I love to be able to recycle wood into other things that we need without having to buy more! After some planning and cutting we got to this.
Anyone have any ideas what it is?? We picked this location for shade and We already had a fence up right there. After scavaging some more parts we finally got things to come together pretty well.
After a few more hours of stapling on 2x4 wire and screwing on some tin we had this.The back that has the plywood on it will be nest boxes build onto the house with the door that you access from the outside!
So at this point i think everyone probably knows what this is but if not this is one of my new chicken houses!! I have 20 pullets that I added to this yesterday after we added some roost board in there.
Here is part of the new brood that I put in their yesterday. There is 9 black sex links, 10 buff orphingtons and 1 brown leghorn in their.
They will be in here till i finish the covered run area that we have planned out. When i was at the local grocery store they had some row covers that were 10x20 I bought 2 of them and will use them to cover the run as they were only $4 each. This is part of their new run area.
The other half built this cool little door to be able to let them in and out. It works on a system that he came up with but we are gonna tweek it yet but im glad he put it in!
Yesterday after I had stopped taking pic we installed an old rabbit hutch door to the side of the chicken coop and then cut out some of the wire. With addition the kids can easily feed and water the chickens without having to open the door! You flip it open and it is big enough to stuck a hand and a feed scope into to get the feed into their pans! This whole house was built using all recycled everything! The only cost we will have in it material wise it the covers for the run!

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  1. Oh girl I AM so glad you came over to my Blog & I was able to get to yours...just LOVE everything you & your family is the goats!...My family is in Texas (Marble Falls, Katy, Austin) so I understand your need for rain barrels & containers...I have to say I am very impressed with all your set ups that you have going on....Its only hubby & me know here but I have 24 chickens including a Roo for eggs only...I name them so can't kill take in injured & sick chickens who I nurse back to life & have some that are just wonderful even if they don't lay often.....would love to have goats but can't here since not enough land as the town recommends but its a dream to have them someday......Can't wait to read more of what you & your family is up to...Michele.....aka The old Batz Farm