Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I have to tell you trying to figure out this fish tank is getting complicated and at times I am ready to pull my hair out or just say forget it go throw the fish in the lake down the road! But we have to work thru this so we know how to do it and what works as I am determined to make this work!! I know that some youtube videos post crystal clear water and happy fish all the time but i want to know what is going on behind the scenes of these perfect videos!

We started thinking about raising fish a few years ago but it was all talk and no show, so this year we decided it was the magic year to try this out. After watching the happy fish and perfect youtube videos we thought well that person can do it so why cant we!?!?  Well if you have never decided to do something like this and really thought about it those videos only show the perfect side of everything and NEVER tell you how it ends. Why??? I think they don't want people thinking they are idiots or something but man i sure would LOVE to have a video that shows dead floating fish with rancid water and that your filter malfunctioned or your pump failed. I want to know so it isn't so hard to go through this school of raising fish.

So far since we started we lost about 75-80 fish right outta the gate due to a pump malfunction and electrocuting them.  I posted last week about the water being green and noticed that our filter was plugged so wasn't filtering out anything~ I have since added a few items that are supposed to help with algae and fish waste but apparently you cant use these in fish you want to eat but perfectly fine for fish you just want to look at.

After all of this so far I have had 2 more floating fish from causes unknown and I am getting discouraged on this as it takes alot of work and seems like a never ending cash flow. I will get through this, I will get through this! I wish that there was a magic book that had the answers to all the questions that we have trying this and that everything we do was just what it needs but alas i don't have the book and so we are on this carpet ride together trying to fly our way through all the ups and downs this trip has for us.

On a lighter note, yesterday we got a call out calves and goat was out.Of course we go flying outside to see where they went out and how much fence we needed to fix. Getting them to come back home was easy, we filled a bucket with some food and shook it and man they come running and went right back in where they came out~ A post had broken so they pushed the fence over. Lucky that all of these were bottle raised as i sure would hate having to round up wild cows and a run away goat!Everything turned out fine and the fence is now fixed. :)


  1. You are going to have to the one who writes that book that tells everyone the right way to do it. Unfortunately, that means that you are also the one who has to make the mistakes so that you actually know the right way to do it, lol. I am sure you "can" do it, but you just have to work it out. Hope it turns out good for you because I sure do want to try it myself.

  2. Good luck with the project!

    Sounds fascinating!