Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It is amazing how the older i get the less it takes to make me happy. Over the weekend a friend was moving and she gave me her washer and dryer. It makes me happy as now i can keep these outside on the new porch and keep all the heat from them outside! She also gave me her pressure canner! Wow how did she know that the day before she gave it to me the other half and I were talking about needing to buy one for this canning season. The amount of canning books and tons of other cookbooks that she gave me has given our son HOURS of enjoyment so far! I think that he has only gotten through 1/4 of what she gave us.

The outdoor fish tank is doing great! I drained out about 200 gallons of water yesterday. I save all the water that i can that i drain off for watering the garden! I did buy a cheap mop from the dollar tree to use to mop the sides and bottom before i drained off more water. The installation of the new barrel to add back water has been GREAT! I dont know why we didnt think of it sooner! If any of you reading this are thinking about doing this make sure that you have chlorine remover to add to your tap water BEFORE you add the water into the fish tank.

I have spent more time just slowing down last week as I was babysitting a cutie pie that loves all the stuff we have going on here. She has pet all the dogs, pet the goats and LOVES to watch the chickens. When we set on the porch she will follow the chickens as they walk by, she has gotten used to the roosters crowing now! When they first crowed when she was outside it startled her and she cried. Our porch goat was pretty curious of her, he came up to her when she was setting in her seat and smelled her and then had to taste her Since he was raised from a bottle he was used to everyone and LOVES to check everything new out. He sure didnt like her grabbing his ears though.


  1. What a cutie she is!
    How wonderful of your neighbors to give you the washer and dryer and the CANNER! W0W!

  2. this picture!

    Don't you love it when people share their unwanted things instead of sending them to the landfill. So glad they shared with you!

    Looking forward to seeing pics of your garden when the 'fish' water kicks in! :)