Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Went out yesterday to check on the fish tank and to make sure the kiddos threw the feed in to them. When i got out there this is what i found.
The water is GREEN~ so i start looking to find out what is wrong. I think maybe the filter must plugged? So i start to dig out and put the sand and rocks into buckets and man i cant believe how dirty the filter sand is!
We started to try to clean the sand from the rocks but it was taking to long with just some window screen, buckets and water. So we went to Home depot which for some reason it the only big box store in my area that sells pool filter sand. We came back home with none as they ,ust have had a huge run on filter sand since it is warming up here in East Texas. But i did come home with these items.

The Barley pond cleaner is supposed to be an all natural pond water cleaner, it says it will take a few days to make it clearer. The pond cleaner tablets are to break down fish waste, phosphates, nitrates and other water pollutants.It naturally promotes a healthy aquatic environment, with a blend of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and natural barley. We will be going back to Home depot today as the truck is supposed to be coming in with the filter sand on it. I hope to have the filter bar back up and going today!


  1. Learn...learn...learn...but just hate it when our learning curve costs us so much. Who would have thot that sand would be so dirty already. Hope your cleaner works good for you!

  2. Love it that you are willing to show what works and what doesn't!! And that you open yourself and let others know that not everything is as easy as Youtube makes it look.

    1. I want people to learn from the mistakes that we make or the things we do that dont work!! That way it saves them time since we have done all the hard work..lol :)

  3. It looks like algae to me which would be from it getting too much light and probably unavoidable but I could be wrong.