Monday, April 2, 2012

Since the broilers are 3 weeks old i decided i was gonna weigh them, they started out at 4 ounces when i got them they are now over 2 lbs! I have used 50 lbs of feed so far.

The fish are doing great, we installed a 55 gallon plastic barrel up on top of the fish tank frame so i can easily put in fresh water as needed. I took out 100 gallons yesterday and put back in 150 gallons. I have been testing the water weekly for ammonia. I also bought some chlorine be gone liquid so i can but water back in pretty much right away. I run the pump to cycle the water as I am putting it in. They really hardly eat anything, we do feed them bugs and they love that! Also they LOVE was fun to watch fish wars over a worm! Guess i need to dig more!

Over the weekend a friend of mine called me and said she had a canner and wanted to know if i wanted it. Well of course i do~ We went to get it and WOW it was almost brand new mirro pressure canner! I looked at her and said, how did you know that the other half and I was just talking about still needed to get one. She also had 6 canning books that she gave me with it. She then gave me all her cookbooks, it has been TONS of fun looking thru all the boxes! I think Ds has had more fun than me~ He was really excited when i told him about all of them!

I was feeding the chicks yesterday when i seen a snake! Oh how i hate snakes. I will kill them if  i see them up by the house or in the animals yards. Now i know where my baby chicks were going, this darn snake was eating them~ He might have gotten the mom too, I am not sure as her babies were calling and she wasnt anywhere around. So we caught them and brought them in and put them in a brooder here in the house. What was the funniest to watch was our small dog went nuts on that dead snake!~ She shoke that dead snake till it was limp and had flung on the stomach contents out,that is how we know that it was eatting the

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  1. *shudder* how I hate snakes in the yard!! They love the taste of chicken tooooooooooooo well!!