Friday, March 30, 2012

Did you ever have one of those days that you should have just stayed in bed?? It started Wednesday morning with me sleeping through the alarm by 3 HOURS! Dh looked at me and said i am already late for work by several hours i will just take a personal day. That personal day didnt result in just relazing either like i had hoped it would. Nope it entailed installing 14 sheets of tin on our new porch roof! I am glad that most of it is done as that is alot of Then after all of that the computer had a virus so i had to wait to get something else to get online on. Luckly i had a back up tower, since i had no luck getting the other one fixed. I will have to take it in to have it de virused....uggg.

Yesterday was a great mail day! I had entered a small online contest for some Baker creek seeds and I got an email saying that i had won some so yesterday i got them in the mail! From top left they are: Squash turks caps or Turban; Cucumber white wonder; Tomato green doctors. From lower left; Mission bells california poppy; German chamomile.

On of the naked neck hens that we got from a friend went broody and hatched some eggs! She had nine! I love seeing little chicks run around with their mom just scratching away.

 Last thursday we all went and attended a Gardening around the patio class that was offered by the local extention office. We learned alot more this year than last year as we asked alot more questions than last year. Came home with alot of handouts for our area and a local planting guide with dates. It also included a really nice Texas herb guide and that is coming in handy.

Last nite we went to a Salsa making workshop that the local extention office was offering also and we learned how to make some Tomato based, Veggie based and fruit based salsas. We came home with lots of recipies and a packet on preserving salsas. We got to talk to alot of people and also got an avacodo pit to try to grow! We thought we just as well give it a try! Next month they are offering a canning, freezing and dying class so we will also be taking that!

The broilers are now 3 weeks old and so far I have used 1 50lb bag of chick starter. So that is 16.6 pounds of food for 10 a week. That figures out 1.66 pounds of feed for each bird per day. So far the cost is at $35. That is $20 for the broilers and $15 for the chick starter.


  1. Brandee...when the naked necks they look like all other chicks or do they already have naked necks? They look so cute in the pics! Mama looks like a 'grandma' with her hair in a bun! LOL

  2. She had 2 with naked necks and they were born that way! :)