Monday, March 19, 2012

It was a busy weekend. It always seems like we have so much to do on  the weekends that we never get time to rest.We worked more on the fish tank and got it all finished and installed!! We also found a great buy at a garage sale!! We found a 8x12 greenhouse frame for $40! This will be installed over the fish tanks.
We decided to build a greenhouse last year but we just got it finished this year. We started all of our seeds in it this year.
The plants all are doing well and need to be It isnt time yet but may have to put them out!
We are going to install more rain water collection barrels. We bought 4- 250 gallon totes to use. we have them in place but have to install large homemade funnels to make sure the water goes where its supposed to. The funnels will be made from 55 gallon plastic barrels. I will post pictures of the whole set up when we get it finished.

Now i have to pass this on as this happened at my parents home. He found and killed this over 7 foot long chicken snake!
If anyone has ideas that they would like to see here please leave comments. I will try to post!

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  1. We have some lovely long chickens snakes here every year too. I don't believe we every had a 7 ft one but we have had a couple of 6 ft ones.
    I do love that greenhouse!