Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We worked in the strawberry beds and got the mulch in. We are going to get more to finish covering them. The beds are each 10 feet long by 4 feet wide. We installed the fence around it to keep out teh roaming goat and the chickens that sometimes make it into the front yard.
We also harvested a small crop of carrots. They were nice and sweet! Nothing like fresh carrots! We also planted another bed of them!
We also started on the new fish tank. We are planning on trying to grow out some cat fish. Here is what the tank started out as~

Here is a picture of my wandering goat that likes to come in the front yard to eat grass. I raised him from a bottle baby and now thinks he is a dog. He will take and knock on the door if he wants in and he will come up behind you and touch you with his leg to let you know that he wants petted. Do you think he spends alot of time with the dogs?? :)


  1. Good job...love how this is turning out!

  2. Cute little goat. Looks almost like a dog! :)

    1. Mad Hen yes he does! He hasnt grown outta that look since we got him. He was given to us at 3 days old. They didnt want to take care of him so i took him in. :)