Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Over the weekend we randomly weighed 2 of the catfish. The one was 6 inches long and weighed an ounce. The other random one was 8 inches long and weighed 1.5 ounches. I will weigh and measure random fish i hope every week. It might not be productive to do it every week may have to do it every 2 weeks. We did take out 25% of the water as the test strips were testing high in ammonia. After removing 25% of the water we put 55 gallons of dechlroinated water back in. There is also tablets sold to help with the ammonia that you can just put in the water but you must have airation to move it around.

The other half made me a funnel out of a 55 gallon blue barrel to help with the collection of rainwater in my totes. We were gonna just cut it in half but we couldnt get the tote close enough to were it needed to go so we had to cut in in half length wise to get it to work.  It was easy and works well!!
The garden is coming along well. The kids and I planted 32 tomato plants yesterday. I still have stuff to plant but have all my containers moved to were they need to be. I also bought some more seed potatoes. I bought red pontiacs, i am going to grow them in a different location from the other potato bed just to see if i get different results! The below pictures are bush beans that the kids and I planted last week!

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  1. Wow...those green beans are growing fast! Glad you posted a pic of the blue funnel, it was hard to picture otherwise. :)