Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What a day yesterday was!! We finally got our fish in for the fish tank!
Everything was sailing along fine, until a pump failure and killed around 75% of my fish. Seems the pump had a short and electrified the water. It was pretty sad to admit that i lost that many fish in under 24 hours. But we regrouped and got a new pump and installed some new wiring and a waterproof box. We also pulled a timer out and got it all set up, so now the timer come on ever 4 hrs! That sure makes turning the pump on and off way easier! Before we installed the timer we were just manually turning the pump on and off.

We have had alomst 5" of rain in the last 24 hours! It filled up several hundred gallons into rain water storage! This will sure help when it gets hot this summer and we need water for the garden!!

The kids and I are gonna start a pineapple top! I have read that you can take the top greens of the pineapple and put it in water to root it then plant it. I have also read that it can take 2 years before it will start baby pineapples but we still think it would ne neat to try!!
We also got a new addition to the farm!! A new baby goat!


  1. So sorry about your fish but there are always little set backs and ajustments when starting something new.
    I have grown several pineapples that way and I never found that mine rooted well in water. You have to get all the fruit part off, then peel off a few of the bottom leaves. I found mine did better if I started them right in soil and a sandier type of potting mix.
    Your baby goat is absolutely adorable!

  2. Thank you Brandee, for sharing both the 'ups and downs' of your endeavors! Sooo sorry about losing so many fish! New baby is sure colorful!! :)

  3. Im sorry about yall losing so many fish like that!! Your new goat is very cute. I really love the idea of regrowing the pineapples. Im not thinking itd be warm enough here in Michigan for that. Right now we are attempting to regrow a celery bunch.

  4. That is too bad about the fish. :( I love that new goat! I had to call everyone over to the computer to see that little cutie! :)