Monday, March 12, 2012


Welcome everyone!

   I decided that i wanted to start a blog to keep up with all the information that I am learning from different things that we have decided to try.

On Saturday we bought 10 Cornish rock chicks to try to raise some of our own meat birds. We have never raised them before and cant really find alot of information online about the costs associated with it so here I am.

We also are going to start raising catfish. We have bought the tanks to keep them in and the pump to pump the water and for aerating. I will also post updates on how that is going.

We have 2 new goat babies on the farm with another Nanny still to kid. Looking at her i know she only has  a singleton.

We have also added a Jersey heifer. So we not only will have goat milk but cow milk too!

Chicks are here! I have 20, i got 9 black sex links, 10 buffs and 1 brown leghorn. I have never had leghorns before so decided i would try one!


  1. Wow...looking forward to reading what you learn and share from your world on your little homestead! Love ya!!