Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today was garden picking day! It was a good day today. There is alot of green beans setting on and tomatoes everywhere! We are for sure looking forward to harvesting tomatoes!! I prepared some of our Yukon gold potatoes last week and they were awesome!! Today's haul in the garden consisted of,

17 cucumbers
11 squash
2 zucchini
2 fingerling egg plant!

I am super excited about this harvest as this time last year everything was burnt up with this unpredictable East Texas weather!~

This is a bean bloom.

                                                            This is a cucumber bloom!
This is a potato bloom!


  1. Wow that is greaet! I don't think I have ever gotten 17 cucumbers in one year from my garden, lol (and they got planted late this year) and I only have one yellow squash that is almost ready to pick.

  2. Super!! The pics are that you shared pics of the blooms!

    Also enjoyed reading your profile. =)