Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Its been awhile since i have posted. Just been keeping up with the garden and the animals. It is starting to get hot and the garden is showing it! The cucumbers here are pretty much done but have another planting coming up soon. I have made several batches of salsa so far, have enough tomatoes to make a few more. I dont know how many of you check out but i was pointed in the direction of a great deal the other day. Any of you with animals know that fence is always in need. I have all the perimeter fencing done and some cross fencing, but i still have some pockets that are not fenced and would love for the animals to be able to eat it instead of mowing it. Well here is what we got. 2000 feet of orange snow fencing. Now in states that it doesnt snow it is called safety fencing. I checked the price on this fencing and it runs $30 for  a 4'x100' roll. I got it for $5 used!

Now i have no excuse for the goats to not be eating down the back areas that i dont have fenced. It goes up fast and since it is temperary we didnt install alot of posts.

Here is a picture of my first batch of homemade chunky salsa. It has yellow pear toms, roma toms, banana peppers, jalapenos, cilantro, chives, onions, lime juice, salt. Everything except the onions we grew here on the farm. I bought the onions at a farm stand~


  1. glad the fencing worked out so well for you!!

    And everyone...that salsa is yummy!!!!...she shared!! <3

  2. I was just thinking of planting some more cucumbers to see if they would make it. I have never done that before a second planting. Its so blasted hot now I wasn't sure... but I have my shade cloths over the garden now so they will have some protection. I am doing to plant them!