Friday, June 1, 2012

What a week it has been! This last week the other half has been on vacation, we have spent it cutting down dead trees from last years drought, stacking the wood from said trees and hauling off old junk!
We scrap any metal that we can find as it is great for the environment and I really like the extra cash flow! For everyone that doesn't know it is worth your time to recycle even your pop/soda cans! The first load we took in was 5 items and they weighed 1600 lbs! To get the prices per 100 that your local recycle center pays you will need to call and ask what it is paying. The above load was paid out in long iron price at $10.50 per 100 lbs. Now before you go make sure that you call and ask what they take if you have never taken stuff in before. I go to one that will not take any fence wire, but another one will take the fence wire. Today we took a load in and it weighed 850 lbs at $9.50 per 100lbs. This was all items that we have kept or picked up along side the road. I also recycle all of my vegetable cans, at the rate now they would pay out $9.50 per 100 lbs of them. I wash them out and take the labels off and smash them. Why not get paid back from an item that you are buying anyway? That old washer that you replaced can be taken in and you can get paid for recycling it, why not make some money off that old washer? We try to keep things stacked and ready for when we need some extra cash like at holiday time! Now copper wire is a good return on your time, you don't have to strip it but it does pay more if you do. Last time i took copper in #1 was $3.15 a lb! All items that you plug in has copper wire, before you discard cut the cords off and take any motors out. Now that you know or got reminded why don't you go out to see if you can find some hidden treasures to recycle!

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  1. A great, great way to save for a special need...or even in the case of an emergency!!