Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do you use a clothesline?  If so what kind do you have? Does it help you or hold you back on harnessing natures free energy? I have a love hate relationship with clotheslines. Growing up we had the standard style clothesline, metal poles in the ground with 3-4 wire lines. Most of the clotheslines that i see still are the standard style clothesline. What i think it is is that people are to busy to take the time to hang clothes or just plain just don't want to be bothered. Now i will admit that there are times at our house that we didn't get the laundry done well enough ahead of time that i also throw clothes into the dryer. Here is some information that i have come up with on dryers.

Electric dryers use about 5 kilowatts of electricity per hour. If you pay .10¢ per kWh you are gonna pay approx .50¢ per load, this is based on running at 60 minutes. the cost per year is about $260 based on 10 loads per week!!  I know in some areas of the world that you cant hang laundry 365 a year so get a dry rack or hang inside! There are many kinds of dry racks out there, you can even get them to attach to your ceiling in your shower where it is hid away!

I use a clothes line but not your typical clothesline. I have switched from the standard poles to a pulley system! Oh how i love my pulley system line that i will never go back to standard poles~ Of course if are disabled or have bad knees or anything like that dragging wet laundry up or down stairs isn't my idea of fun at all! I of course fit into this category. So out of trying to save money on the monster electric bill during the summer AND to keep heat out of the house we decided something needed to be done. We decided to put the pulleys in! We spent about $30 getting all of the supplies and it takes about 15 minutes to set up. Mine is attached at the back door of the house and runs 75 feet out into a tree and it up about 25 feet!

                                               This is the pulley attached to the house.

                                               This is the pulley attached to the tree.

                These i use for line spacers. These keep the clothes from hanging just on one line.
     Here it is on use. See how the spacers keep the lines from sagging.
I also use dry racks set up on the covered porch for small items. I hope that this helps anyone that is wanting to save some money and go alittle greener. Even if you could save half of the above numbers it would be $130 a year!             


  1. I don't use a clothesline. The ants are too bad here and they don't smell fresh here.

  2. Really cool. Funny to think that even outdoor drying has evolved from simply hanging clothes over a bush or a fence to something as detailed as what you have! :)

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